What Fairies mean to me

This is a poem by Thea Wilson in year 3
It’s about fairies and what they mean to me

I’ve always believed in them since I was little,
Me and my friends tell stories about them and all sit and giggle.

In all fairies children have a friend to trust,
To tell their secrets too and be protected by magic fairy dust

I love their wings when they flutter so bright
They look so magical flying in the moonlight

I know that fairies live deep in the forest
Surrounded by beautiful flowers, looking like a florist

Hight in the trees is where they nest
Because even beautiful fairies need to rest

I hope you all enjoy my poem about fairies being true
Remember if you believe they will always watch over you.

— Thea Wilson, Age 8

— Mirabelle the Fairy by Georgia Warwick, age 9