Tendrils of Gold

Stretching high above the clouds,
The oak tree grew, wizened and old,
Reaching out its gnarled leafy boughs,
Its crinkled eyes twinkled through its mossy blindfold.

The oak’s arm like branches stretched high above,
A canopy of dark and emerald-green,
Leaves encased each branch like a glove,
Thickening the spiderweb that hid the unseen.

I decided one night amidst the tapestry of stars,
To explore the unknown realm under the oak,
I felt a burning sensation deep down in my heart,
What magic lay beneath its leafy cloak?

I tiptoed through the blanket of black,
Icy grass sent shivers up my spine,
I reached the oak without turning back,
When its gnarled face twisted into a smile.

Boom! Fairies filled the air,
Twinkling, glittering twirling around,
The golden dust settled in my hair,
I was surrounded by a fairy cloud.

The boughs of the oak were adorned with fairies,
Like a Christmas tree twinkling in the night,
The dark suddenly seemed a lot less scary,
With each tiny fairy lit up so bright.

Like hundreds of hungry golden snakes,
Tendrils of gold appeared through the mist,
They ensnared me, in a grip I couldn’t shake,
Here I was when I made my wish.

I was the caterpillar, cocooned so tight,
Changing, distorting, about to transform.
I emerged as the butterfly ready for flight,
My new frail form ready to soar.

Now I float with these fairy folk,
Dance and glitter and fly,
I have my own light, as I perch in the oak,
And now and again, I see the tree smile.

— Tendrils of Gold by Libby Harrison, Age 11

— Maxine the Fairy by Isla Wood, age 9