Chiltern Arts Festival Pass: 2018


The Chiltern Arts Festival Pass offers a great saving over buying individual tickets!

With each Festival Pass, you get access (for one person) to all eighteen of our events between 3rd and 11th February, including our Dinner Concert, always with the best seats available: a total value of £315!

As premium customers, you also get a thoroughly personal service. When you order a Festival Ticket, we will be in touch with you via phone or e-mail (your preference) to help you work out what events you will best enjoy and to ensure that any special requests you have are met, to the best of our abilities.

Additionally, you will receive a discount code that allows up to 10 of your family and friends to receive a 15% discount on any ticket purchases, helping you share these special events with those around you!

Help ensure the future of this bold new venture and get to experience it at its best with a Chiltern Arts Festival Pass.

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