Be part of the story… become a Fringe Partner

In 2022 Chiltern Arts explores the world of A Midsummer Night’s Dream: the world of fairies and magic and
mysterious beings. Fairy and poetry trails in towns throughout the Chilterns will string together a programme of
the highest quality classical music at events that draw you into another world.

We’d love you to be a part of our community-focussed festival in 2022, and are encouraging local businesses to
help us create a magical atmosphere by joining in in any way you can throughout April and May.

You can take part however you feel inspired to do so, but here are some simple ideas for how you could be
involved in our Fringe Festival:

❧ Themed window displays – a magical forest, some shy woodland nymphs or weird and wonderful creatures
❧ Themed menus – a fairy feast, or a dreamy dessert…
❧ Add a special love potion cocktail to the menu: or maybe even run a cocktail-making evening to mix your own!
❧ Add magic or fairy tale themed music to your playlists: try Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream,
the overture to Hansel and Gretel or the Sorcorer’s Apprentice!
❧ Add some cheeky sprites to your product displays: think ‘Elf on the Shelf’,
but in the form of mischevious Puck!

We’ll list all Fringe Events and Partners on our website, and let everyone know what’s happening – and we’ll
provide you with materials to display as well.

All Fringe Partners will recieve a special discount code for employees to recieve 10% off Chiltern Arts festival

Contact Naomi Taylor at or 07943 875640
for more information and to get involved.

Join us, and help us make 2022 magical…