Enchanted Forest (Acrostic)

Evermore the forest lives on
Chills as the cool breeze rushes past you
Hedgehogs hide in homes of lush leaves.
Antlers of the deer who are no longer hunted.
Nests of chirping birds high in the canopy.
Tangled ivy trails down tree trunks
Ever flowing, the rippling stream runs through the forest
Dancing and prancing, fox cubs play happily.

Fragrant flowers grow where the flickering sunlight falls on the ground.
Over and over.
Rabbits hop around one another to find the juiciest grass to much.
Essence of life abides here.
Still my favourite place to be.
Till the end of time the forest lives on.

— Enchanted Forest by Joe Sung, Age 10

— Dirt the Fairy by Layla Ridgley, age 10