Everyday Heroes Competition
Winning and Shortlisted Entries

Poetry Competition Winners
Rob Lowe (Adult Category)
Aishni Mishra (Under 18s Category)
Rowan Sumpter (Under 12s Category)

Art Competition Winners
Tom Chinnery (Adult Category)
Nicholas Newell (Under 18s Category)
Matilda Turner (Under 12s Category)
Highly Commended Poetry Entries
Tom Chinnery
Millie Holmes
Pranshi Gupta
Florence Pratt
Amelia Wallace
Rose Williams
Shortlisted Poetry Competition Entries
Afra Ahmad
Mahika Bhat
Seren Dale
Danara Fernando
Ava Hipkin
Minnie Holden
Ivana Ilieva
Saffah Kiani
Steven Jackson
Ellen Jeyasingham
Pemma Lama
Austin Lawrence
Mary Mullett
Viv Nicholas
Noya Pal
Orson Peters
Sanjai Rathinam .V
Elizabeth Rodda
Sitara Sheth
Mariam Soliman
Oskar Weymouth
Teddy Wilks
Shortlisted Art Competition Entries
Max Bennett
Saathvika Dokka
Iona Elliot
Feyza Erdil
Minnie Holden
Zara Jethwa
Sikandar Khan
Isra Majid
Ayrton Pointon-Taylor
Rahul Rathinam .V
Ollie Reed
Maya-Rani Soni
Annabel Taylor

2024 Winning Art Entries

Pause and Remember — Tom Chinnery — Adult Category Winner

Covid Heroes — Nicholas Newall — Under 18s Winner
Matilda Turner — Under 12s Winner

2024 Everyday Heroes Art Gallery: All Winning & Shortlisted Entries

Competition Theme: Everyday Heroes

Heroes don’t have to wear capes or have superpowers.

Every day our lives are enhanced by small acts of heroism — and our 2024 competitions invited participants to explore those real human stories: the stories of everyday heroes. The real life, everyday experiences that remind us how lucky we are to have these good people in our worlds. The artwork and poetry you find on this page demonstrates the calibre of entries received in 2024. 

Congratulations to all, and thank you to everyone who entered the competitions.